Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get Lash Extensions?2023-04-24T16:13:32-07:00

Besides looking FABULOUS…? They save you time every morning getting ready. No running mascara. They also camouflage saggy eye lids.

How Long will my Extensions Last?2023-04-24T16:13:50-07:00

Usually a Full set of eyelash extensions will last 2-3 weeks. Around Week 2, you will start to see about 1/3rd of them missing, which is why we recommend a Refill every 2 weeks to keep that gorgeous, full lash look!

What is a Relash?2023-04-24T16:06:43-07:00

When you are at Week 2 or 3 after your full set of extensions was put on, you will have new growth and about 1/3 of your extensions will be gone. A Relash fills it back up! We attach brand new lashes to fill the gaps and if you have extensions too far grown out, we peel them off and attach new lashes to those as well.

Before & After your Lash Appointment2023-04-24T16:13:59-07:00

BEFORE: Come in with no eye make up on. No oils on the eyes the night before as well!

AFTER: No oil around the eyes the whole time you have extensions on as it breaks down the adhesive and makes them prematurely fall out.


Why should you go to us?

Besides being an amazing & friendly studio? 🙂

  • We are certified lash stylists through XTREME LASHES®

  • Over 10 years experience serving in the San Dimas and surrounding communities
  • We use products made in the USA & don’t have formaldehyde in our adhesive
  • We do your lashes in comfortable, relaxing, private rooms


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